Easy Geofence Marketing
Deliver rich contextual content & local offers to mobile consumers at
the right time & place. Perfect for publishers, travel, hospitality & more.

Capture mobile moments with Discovery Zones
Engage mobile consumers with content & offers based on their location & activity.

Geofence Campaign Engine


In minutes launch Discovery Zones to engage your customers with content & offers relative to where they are and what they are doing.

Push Notifications


Use push notifications to alert mobile consumers to contextual content & relevant nearby offers at that perfect mobile moment.



Introduce timely location-based offers to preempt search, capture the moment and drive in-store traffic.



Use location & timing to get your video, audio & text content discovered at the time and place when mobile consumers are most likely to be looking for it.



Track campaign alerts, opens, engagements, sessions and other data to understand the how, where and when of mobile customer behaviours.

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Discovery Zones
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Push Notifications
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Launch Campaigns in Minutes

Flexible Scheduling

Schedule campaigns to launch any hour of any day, and let them run for an hour, a day, a month, as long as you want.

Deliver Text & Rich Content

Use yaBeam to get all of your content discovered, including video, audio, ebooks & articles, you name it.

Control Campaign Budgets

Control your costs by setting limits on the number of engagements allowed per campaign.

Mobile Coupon Generator

In minutes you can create contextual coupons with custom images for any target, location or activity.

Where Discovery Zones can Go

Anticipate destinations to deliver contextually relevant  
content & offers at the right time

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Learn more about yaBeam use cases in our video.

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Already have an app with an audience? Our API makes it easy to integrate yaBeam proximity content services into your app. Got a loyal audience but no app of your own? You can also white label the yaBeam app.

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  • What are Discovery Zones?
  • Discovery Zones are content-rich geofences that you draw using the yaBeam mapping tool. For example, you can draw a Discovery Zone on a sidewalk, or in front of the entrance to an event, or around the whole event. Then you attach contextual content to that Zone, like video, audio, books or digital coupons related to the location of the Zone. When your targeted mobile users enter the Zone, they are alerted to your location-based content (Discovery!) and can access that content with a tap.

  • What is geofencing?
  • A geofence is a virtual perimeter around a real-world geographic area. It can be a radius around a location or a predefined set of boundaries. yaBeam uses geofence technology to create Discovery Zones. By using circular or polygon shapes, users can create Discovery Zones anywhere in the world.

  • What is a Discovery Zone campaign?
  • Discovery Zone campaigns are a new way to target mobile consumers with contextual content and offers at the perfect moment. Using the campaign engine, you are taken through an easy step-by-step workflow to create Discovery Zones at any location. Attach content and offers to those Zones, and then create magical marketing messages called push notifications which are instantly delivered to consumers mobile devices who enter your Zones. Draw one Discovery Zone or several per campaign!

  • How big or small can I draw a Discovery Zone?
  • Discovery Zones have a minimum radius of 20 square meters, and a maximum radius of 200 square meters (which is plenty for most use cases).

  • How can publishers benefit from yaBeam?
  • yaBeam brings the power of proximity marketing to the publishing world. Instantly create new sales channels, target new audiences, gain infinite D2M consumer reach and discovery, and get actionable data. Publishers can also leverage merchants with dedicated niche audiences to promote and resell your content.

  • How can merchants benefit from yaBeam?
  • Merchants can use yaBeam to alert mobile consumers to timely location-based offers in order to drive in-store traffic. For example, let’s say you own a pub around the corner from the local baseball stadium. You can put a Discovery Zone outside the stadium exit to alert exiting fans to a time-limited 2-1 beer deal to the first 20 arrivals. Users receive the coupon, and the pub redeems the coupon with a tap on the mobile app.

  • Can I schedule campaigns in advance?
  • Yes! yaBeam lets you schedule your campaigns to run whenever you want, like today at 3pm, or tomorrow, next week, next month or several months in the future.

  • How much does it cost to run a Discovery Zone campaign?
  • It costs you nothing to launch a Discovery Zone campaign. We only charge a “trigger fee” when a user actually receives your message (push notification) and discovers your content or coupon. Get started, and we’ll explore the trigger fees together based on your plans for Discovery Zones.

  • Will users get bombarded with push notifications?
  • Nope. Users need to opt-in to receive push notifications. And then we limit push notification delivery to one trigger per campaign per every 24 hours.

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