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YaBeam is a beacon-powered proximity solution that matches content to the location, destination and activities of mobile consumers.
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We use beacons to connect publishers with mobile consumers at brands and venues.

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Content Targeting

Target mobile consumers with contextual content matching their location & activity.

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Get data on how mobile consumers are responding to your content at the point of discovery.

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Proximity Solutions

Plug YaBeam into your app and use your beacons or contact us about installing a turnkey beacon-powered proximity marketing solution.

Who is YaBeam for?

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Multimedia Publishers

Large, small & independent publishers and self-published authors of text, audio or video, including books, newspapers, magazines & music.

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Brands use YaBeam to deliver value-added contextual content to mobile customers in shops. We also offer turnkey proximity marketing solutions.

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Venues earn two new revenue streams and increased customer traffic from the YaBeam loyality program.

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Mobile Consumers

Consumers get instant access to contextual content from trusted sources based on their location, destination and activity.

About YaBeam

About YaBeam

YaBeam is a beacon-powered proximity marketing solution that lets publishers and brands deliver hyper-targeted multimedia content to mobile consumers matching their location and activity.

YaBeam is based in Denver, Colorado. We're the same folks who built Slicebooks publishing solutions.

To learn more about YaBeam, Slicebooks or the Slicebooks store, please contact us.