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Make Your Digital Content Discoverable to the Right Audience, Exactly When, Where, and How They Want It

Mobile Marketing Network

Advertise your content at Main Street locations to niche customers at the time and place when they need it.

Instant Mobile Payment

Sell your content instantly exactly when your customers want it, directly on their mobile devices.

Track Campaign Engagment

Use our tools to track audience engagement and trends using all kinds of real-time analytics.

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Real-World Discoverability

By connecting publishers to main street venues, targeted publisher content gets found by niche audiences at the perfect time and place.

Scalable Niche Marketing

Publishers can search and reserve marketing space in venues with audiences matching the content offered.

Upload Multimedia Content

Give consumers access to eBooks, audio books, music, and video.

Impulse-Buy Pricing

Short content/slices can be priced at $1-3, or free as marketing seeds. Low prices increase consumer willingness to “scan & buy”.

Any Place Can Be A Venue

Easy signup, no overhead, no inventory. Flexible media & content options to suit any space or audience. Creates new, scalable sales channel & co-op marketing network.

Instant Mobile Payment

Consumers can scan QR codes or tap NFC stickers to pay and gain instant access to content.

Custom Publishing Tools

YaBeam publishers can take advantage of Slicebooks integration to quickly slice, remix and create targeted custom products for YaBeam distribution.

Custom Analytics

Track venue performance, sales and customer engagement.

About YaBeam

About YaBeam

YaBeam is a mobile content marketing platform that connects publishers with targeted consumers via real-world venues. Using YaBeam, publishers can reserve marketing space in main street venues to make text, audio and video content instantly available to mobile consumers.

YaBeam is being built by EarlyAccess, based in Denver, Colorado. We're the same folks who bring you Slicebooks publishing services and the upcoming Slicebooks Store, featuring the world's first eBook Remix Widget. Our mission is to make content discoverable and available exactly when, where & how people want it.

For more information about YaBeam, Slicebooks or the Slicebooks store, please contact us.